Friday, October 15, 2010

October Update

Hi Folks,
We have 3 new hand made treats for you this month. Firstly, Fruit Drops - traditonal round balls of fruit flavoured toffee in red, yellow, green and orange. The flavours are just divine, really fresh and crisp. Secondly, Peanut Brittle drops - a dark toffee ball with bits of peanut. These are a very different product to our Peanut Brittle slab which is made to a different recipe. Some people will like the convenience of the consistent shape and size of the drops compared to the broken slab pieces. Thirdly, Eucalyptus Drops - yellow and green toffee drops with a distinct eucalyptus flavour. You can smell the sweet eucalyptus aroma as soon as we open the jar. Customers have been asking for these old style eucalyptus drops for ages as an alternative to Eucalypties, which have a soft centre. The flavour is neither too strong, nor too timid - just right in our opinion. Try some and tell us what you think. Remember when you come in to the shop there is always a tray of samples for you to try!
GIANT JELLY BABIES are back in production as of 19 Oct. We have placed an order and waiting our turn for delivery!!!!!!! Hopefully this will be in the first week of November. Boy, are we excited............
 sad news - our wholesaler forgot to order our new flavours of turkish Delight. Now that has made us very cross, but not much we can do about it now, but wait until the next shipment. Cadbury New Zealand stopped the manufacture of Toasties briefly, but we now have them back in stock. We also have a New Zealand product called Eskimos on the shelf as something new for us. They are hard to describe..... like a hard marshmallow in texture (like the lolly bananas) in three colours pink, white and green, in the shape similar to a big jelly baby. I nearly forgot, we now have Irish Cream Almonds back on the shelf to please the regulars - a delicious alternative to plain choc almonds.
In our icecream freezer, we now have Coconut Icecream back due to customer demand. It is soooo nice I could eat the whole tub myself!! The Rum and Raisin has been really popular lately, along with the Jamaican Coffee. There are so many wonderful flavours that it is too hard to choose just one, so we offer a twin serve, which is 2 small scoops on a cone so that makes the decision a little easier!
So what has been jumping off the shelf this month -
Candy Bullets
Extra soft Fruit Jellies
English Dusted Jelly Babies
Red Frogs
Sarsparilla Rock
Peanut Clusters
Happy Munching from the Sweets and Treats Team ;)