Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello One and All
We are way over due with an update on Sweets and Treats News....
So here we go -
GIANT JELLY BABIES - at long, long last we have the re released, new recipe GIANT JELLY BABIES on the counter. They are very soft and delicious like they used to be. The colours are not the original multi ones that we loved best, but this is as good as it is going to get. We are happy to recommend these once again to all those jelly baby lovers. The manufacturer has also remade the regular size jelly babies and they are arguably the best on the market at the moment also.
RASPBERRY LICORICE - we have a new brand of Raspberry Licorice that is to die for. It is super soft and the raspberry flavour is divine. There is also regular licorce as well and we have both at the moment. If you are a soft licorice person then these are the ultimate in softness and flavour intensity
ICECREAM - Our new freezer displays are finished and we are sooo happy. The icecream  tastes and looks so much better! Our in house Strawberry Choc Chip has proven a hit and we are thinking of adding choc chips to the Coconut as well - we will trial that when the weather gets warmer. There is a new batch of Apricot Brandy serving now and it is better than ever. It really is a taste of summer which is a nice reminder at the moment!
CHOC COATED FRUIT RINGS are back and they are our team favourite!
SHERBET FOUNTAINS are also back in stock with new packaging - not paper anymore sadly.
AMERICAN FAVOURITES - we are now stocking a small range of American favourites like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter M&M's and Hershey bars
WHITE KNIGHTS were out of production for a few weeks but this is now rectified.
For winter we have got some new English sweets - BRANDY BALLS and WINTER MIXTURE and APPLE and CUSTARD.
In our hand made range SARSPARILLA is a big hit. These are an acquired taste but a truly old fashioned flavour popular with the oldies.
Our trial of new turkish delight flavours (Orange,Lemon and Cherry) went really well. The first batch sold very quickly and we will order some more in and this time we will try a different flavour as well - Apricot perhaps...?
CHOC COATED CHICOS- due to popular demand we now have choc coated chicos back in stock. We thought you were sick of them but how wrong we were!!! - sorry, we will not delete them again....
The confectionery manufacturers have passed on large price increases over the last month - what a shock.
We have kept them to a minimum in the shop but we have had to let some lines go as we felt they were just too expensive now. Let us know if you can't see your favourite and we will let you know what the status is.

What's popular this month -
Peanut Brittle Slabs
Slate pencils
Musk Sticks
Rocky road-milk and white
Chocolate coated honeycomb
Raspberry Licorice
Licorice Allsorts
Giant Jelly Babies - of course!!!
Super Sour Acid Mix
Dark Choc Almonds
Licorice Blocks
Honey cashews

Happy Munching Folks ;)
From the Sweets and Treats Team