Tuesday, December 7, 2010


GIANT JELLY BABIES - what a saga! Due to an ordering system failure at the manufacturers we still have not received our supply of much awaited Giant Jelly Babies. I have been assured today that the problem is now sorted and our shipment will be on its way this week. This puts the ETA in to our store on Wednesday the 22nd of December. All we can say is better late than never I guess.......
We have altered our range of scoop icecream. Streets no longer make the premium scoop icecream we have carried for 25 years. The quality of the new range Streets were offering was absolutely woeful, so we have changed all our flavours over to Valhalla Icecream, made here in Tasmania. Previously we used about half Streets and half Valhalla picking the best from each maker. Now that we have made the change we realise we should have done it ages ago anyway! Valhalla have a big variety of fantastic flavours and the premium quality is there for the tasting. So our regulars will notice that some of the icecream looks very different but we are sure they will be thrilled with the Valhalla alternative. We have already trialled some new flavours; Macadamia with marmalade was to die for, it was a wonderful combination loaded with macadamia nuts and loads of real marmalade swirled through; Cinnamon is rich and creamy and not too strong; Christmas Pudding is back for the festive season and full of rum and fruit; Rocky Road is really popular, loaded with marshmallows, raspberry swirl and nuts. We will keep introducing new flavours so we can all try them out. We have ordered new freezer displays so that we will be able to carry 29 Flavours at once, so choosing a flavour is about to get even harder!!
With Christmas only days way now, the sales of anything ginger are going through the roof. Dark chocolate ginger is always a big winner and Ginger Butters are the boiled sweet alternative, made here in Tasmania - people keep returning for more. English Dolly Mix is another Christmas specialty along with English Licorice Allsorts.

What are the top sellers at the moment???
Choc coated Aniseed Rings (milk or dark)
Choc coated coffee beans (mix of milk,dark,white)
English dusted jelly babies
Musk sticks
Slate pencils
Giant Freckles
Umbrella lollipops
Rocky Road (milk or white chocolate)
Super Sour Acid Mix
Raspberry Drops

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Munching!
Cheers from The Sweets and Treats Team