Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November/Dec News 2012

The busy pre Christmas silly season has begun and who doesn't like special sweets and chocolates in their Santa stocking! Everyone has their own favourite and we have a huge selection that caters for all tastes and ages.
Read on for our latest news.

CARAMEL KISSES are back. A new supply has been found much to our relief and the pleasure of our regulars.

JERSEY CARAMELS - are now made by a new manufacture to a new recipe and they are sensational, just like they used to be.
DUSTED JELLY BABIES - are one of our best sellers. We have the imported English Jelly Babies as always, but now have a new Australian version. The flavours are particularly fresh and a soft texture.
OLD STYLE FRUIT DROPS - Australian made. Individually wrapped. The flavour of these little gems is truly stunning and they look really pretty.
TRAFFIC LIGHTS - are now back in stock after a long hold up with supply. These are perfect for making into stained glass biscuits, along with the old style fruit drops.
DOLLY MIX - We only have a small amount left, but are hopeful that we will get some more in before Xmas.
FLYING SAUCERS - we are going to run out any day now and we  have been informed by the wholesalers that there are none in the country until late Dec/early January. This is not good news.
ANGRY BIRD candy dispensers - are selling like hot cakes!
CHOCOLATE COATED SNAKES - are back in store and our Team have voted them as their new favourite.
TREACLE TOFFEE - we have slabs of Walkers treacle toffee as the small wrapped pieces are not available.
ENGLISH TOFFEE SLABS - made here in Tasmania to the original Thornton's recipe. Rich, buttery and very chewy.
FLORALS - are temporarily out of production due to machine break down. The manufacturer hopes this will be resolved shortly and that the back log can be filled around the end of the month.
 GOBSTOPPERS- The Monster and the Mega sizes have been discontinued sadly, and there are no replacements in sight. We have bought up all stock available, but these are the last ever, so soon they will only be a display item.

A reminder about all the different flavours of rock that we have in our jars -
Humbugs,  Bullseyes,  Spearmint,  Musk,  Raspberry,  Blueberry,  Passionfruit, Watermelon,  Mango,  Sarsparilla,  Choc mint,  Mixed Sherbets,  Tiny Tots,  Lemon Lime,  Irish Whiskey,  Sour Acid,  Cinnamon,  Barley Sugar Twist,  Grape,  Cherry, Apple


There are FIVE NEW FLAVOURS - we are soooo excited!

COCONUT ROUGH - creamy coconut icecream with a chocolate fudge ripple. Proving to be a popular choice with our customers - they love it.

LICORICE - new recipe with real licorice pieces. Fabulous flavour. This is going to be a big hit this summer.
ROCKY ROAD - new recipe in a vanilla base with chocolate chips, marshmallows, raspberry ripple and peanuts. It packs a great punch.
COOKIES AND CREAM - completely new recipe. Regulars are happy. A great flavour and texture combination.
CHOCOLATE WITH WHITE CHOC CHIPS - the best ever chocolate icecream with chunky white chocolate chips through it. How good does a chocolate fix get!

In development phase is a chocolate and peanut butter combo. Yum! Anyone who has been to America will know that this is a standard flavour over there. Can't wait to have it in our display.... stay tuned.


  • Peanut Brittle
  • White Knights
  • Fry's Orange Bar
  • Turkish Delight
  • Choc coated Honeycomb (also plain)
  • Licorice Allsorts
  • Choc coated Raspberries (milk, dark,white)
  • Best ever Licorice Bullets (choc coated - milk or dark)
  • Cobbers
  • Fruit Tingles
  • Watermelon Rock
  • Raspberry Drops - they are sensational
  • Licorice Blocks

Happy Munching 

From the Sweets and Treats Team