Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept/Oct News

Spring has finally arrived! I don't think any of us is sorry to see the end of our long, dark and cold winter. We hope that you are all enjoying some extra sunshine!
Along with spring have come some new treats -

Chocolate Covered Licorice Allsorts
Chocolate Coated Milk Bottles
Chocolate Coated Strawberry & Creams
White Chocolate Covered Chicos (we also have Milk Choc as well)

Mini Jelly Tots
Gummy Fried Eggs
Jelly Mini Dots

Wrapped Assorted Chocolates - Soft Centres

- something for everyone really!

We had a supply problem with choc coated licorice logs but they arrived today and are back on the counter - phew! They were sadly missed over the weekend.
Our latest shipment of Umbrella lollipops were fantastic - they look and taste terrific and are one of our most popular treats.
Unfortunately our Giant Rainbow lollipops are still on back order and not expected for another couple of weeks.
We have a new supplier of Milk Choc Coated Aniseed Rings and they are selling extremely well.
Now that the weather is warming up we are starting to think of re vamping our icecream selection and coming up with a new flavour combination for Luke to make up for us. How about coconut with choc chips - yum; or chocolate,banana and strawberry swirl......
On the kids table we now have a selection of cups filled with things like racing cars, sour worms, gummy bears, party mix. They are great to grab and go and the cups keep the lollies together and fresh. The presentation is also very appealing making them a great little gift.
We are back in the busy season now, so if you want to order Party Bags or Wedding Favours make sure to give us as much notice as possible.

This month's most popular sweets are
Malt Balls (can't keep up!)
Spearmint Rock
English Dusted Jelly Babies
Jelly Tots
Honey Bears
Aniseed Balls
Coconut Rough
Umbrella Pops and Rosy Apple Pops
Giant Freckles
Sherbet Bombs - they are really going off .....!!

Happy Munching Folks!
From the Sweets and Treats Dream Team