Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Post Ever!

Hi Folks,
As this is the first post, here is a run down of news from the last few months.
We are still getting lots of email enquiries about Giant Jelly Babies.
We are sorry to report that they are still out of production, waiting for the manufacturer to complete a major factory refit. They were meant to be ready in March, then it was July, now they won’t give a date as they are so far behind schedule that no one is game to predict. I am about to contact them again and I will let you all know as soon as we have an update. There is no other jelly like them, so we all just have to be patient.....
The Prydes factory is back in production after a very messy sale. Not all lines are available yet, but we do have Aniseed Rings, Tarzan Jubes, Sparkles, Turkish Delight, Fruit Jellies, Jelly Beans and they are the most popular.
CHOO CHOO BARS are now available again after an absence of many years. A new company is now  making them to the original recipe. They are making two types, Licorice and a Raspberry. The packaging uses the original colours with a recognisable design.
Earlier this year we asked our local icecream maker, Valhalla, to make us some Turkish Delight Icecream. He came up with a rich chocolate icecream with that beautiful rose turkish delight flavour. It is truly delicious and has really hit the spot with all the turkish delight fans, and there are many!!
Speaking of Turkish Delight, we are ordering in a new range of Turkish Delight Flavours. Soon you will be able to get not only the rose flavour but LEMON, ORANGE and CHERRY. We are looking forward to having these new flavours to try.
SLATE PENCILS are back on the shelf!  At long last we have tracked down them down again and we are all smiling. They are a bit shorter than they used to be, but the flavour and texture are just how we remembered. For those who don’t know them, they are like a musk stick to look at, grey in colour and aniseed in flavour.
We are having trouble keeping up the supply of PEANUT BRITTLE - it is selling by the bucket load!! It is made here in Tasmania by Gourlays and is surely the best peanut brittle ever. A truly rich, buttery toffee slab full of peanuts. They also do a COCONUT BRITTLE that is unique to us and really worth a try for something different.
Some other top selling sweets of the moment are -
Milk Choc Aniseed Rings
Milk Choc Raspberries - 3 different types
Raspberry Drops
Sherbet Lemons
Big Boss Caramel Sticks (formerly Big Boss Cigars)
Dusted Turkish Delight
Licorice Bullets - we have 7 different types!

Happy Munching ;)