Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The silly season is here! So much to do, so much to do..... but it is all part of the fun.

The long stemmed lollipop bunches are always on our counter and at this time of year it is hard to keep up to them as they look so special and are well priced to make them a lovely extra touch to any gift - $3.50 bunch of 5 assorted shapes and colours.
At this time of year we always sell lots and lots of dark choc coated ginger (superior quality) Dark and Milk Almonds, Milk Macadamias, Milk Peanuts, Dark and Milk Raisins (my favourite treat). We have a beautiful mix of Raspberry Creams, Peppermint Dreams and White Chocolate Buttermints in gorgeous wrappers that will look fabulous on any party table.

What's NEW -
Small English Dusted Jelly Babies - wow these are sooo popular! Made by a different maker to the large ones, but they have the same soft texture. The flavours are fresh and more intense. So now you can choose large or small.
Old Fashioned Butterscotch - a boiled lolly, rich and buttery, individually wrapped. 
KING RATS - the first batch off the new production line had issues, but we are pleased to announce that we now have a new batch in and they are just great!! We have them tightly sealed in a jar to stop them from running around the shop ;)........
Old Style Fruit Drops - made by the same people that make the Lemon Sherbets. Absolutely beautiful flavours - really intense and they taste of yester year. They are just the right colours and textures to use in Christmas baking for stained glass biscuits etc. Great price as well at only $2.40/100g
Licorice Icecream - we have a new batch in which you all seem to like better. This one is black and white in colour and a good licorice flavour.
Cookies and Cream Icecream - we have got this flavour back in due to popular demand and it will stay for the summer at least.
Christmas Pudding Icecream - comes in a one litre pudding shaped container. Made here in Hobart, it is truly wonderful and a great hit for christmas dinner. I also give these as Christmas gifts and now I get into trouble if I try to get something else. 

The Big Sellers at the moment are-
Raspberry Licorice
Traditional Turkish Delight
Choc coated Honeycomb (and plain too)
Racing Cars
Peanut Butter M&m's
White Choc Buttermints
Choc coated Raspberries (milk,dark,white)
Sherbet Lemons
Dusted English Jelly Babies
English Bon Bons (lemon,strawberry,toffee)

Happy Munching
From the Sweets and Treats Team